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Feb 18, 2013 4:30am EST
construction. an improving housing market is one reason americans are feeling better about the economy. consumer sentiment improved in february, but on friday, stocks finished in the weak mix. the dow gapped eight points. it remains this morning below 14,000, starts tomorrow at 13981. the nasdaq was off by 6.5. >>> countries throughout europe are finding more traces of horse meat in the beef supply. millions of burgers and frozen meals have been recalled. tests have discovered horse meat in school meals and hospital food in the uk. it is believed some of the horse meat was mixed in with beef at a french processing plant and then shipped out. >>> and shoe makers around the vat acan -- vatican are getting ready for a boost in business. the catholic church is preparing for the upcoming conclave, which means religious leaders will be looking for new clothes. a tiny area filled with shops just outside the vatican walls, papal tail lowers -- tailors will be busy. three versions of the same robe will be made for a new pope. >> he doesn't shop at target? >> no. he loves his red shoes. >> that
Feb 19, 2013 4:30am EST
struggling economy. sales in 2012 were the best in five years. home prices have improved and construction of new homes is on the rise. the national association of realtors believes sales will continue to grow in 2013. on friday, stocks finished mixed. the dow stands this morning still below 14,000 after gaining just 8 points on friday. the nasdaq dropped by six and a half and the s&p 500 was off by one and a half. >>> a rear axle problem has prompted chrysler to recall thousands of vehicles again. it affects many ram 1500s and dakota pickup trucks. these are from model years 2009 through 2012. a nut in the rear axle can loosen and that can cause it to lock up which can cause a driver to lose control. the automaker will install a retaintory keep the part in place starting next month. >>> animated movie characters like shrek and kung fu panda could soon play a starring role in russia. dream works says it's licensing seven of its popular characters to a russian amusement park developer. the developer plans to open indoor theme parks in moscow and st. petersburg in 2015. the key word in that
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2